Vinyasa Flow

Hazel brings her enthusiasm to class every time, no matter what the hour! Classes are mixed ability (unless otherwise indicated) and focus on strong, flowing sequences where movement and breath come together to create engaging, exciting classes. Hazel aims to keep classes fresh and thoughtful, using asana, pranayama and meditation to both challenge and calm. She delivers sequences that students can really make their own, and personalise to suit their own practice. Whatever you bring to the mat, via a healthy, happy practice, you will leave relaxed, worked out... and hopefully smiling! Find a class...

Children’s Yoga

Classes available from April 20th – Book here.

As a qualified school teacher, and parent, I am familiar with the demands and pressures placed on our children today. I have watched as they process emotions too big for their bodies, and navigate through increasingly grown-up challenges. For me, yoga for children is a natural step in encouraging children to be active and healthy as well as mindful and self-aware. My aim for Children’s yoga is to introduce physical activity in new ways, whilst building their confidence, self-awareness and empathy. I want children to be able to take a moment out of a fast-paced, technologically advanced world, and begin to process their own development. And have fun!

Corporate Yoga

Bespoke packages for businesses

Whatever your company, if you have a workforce, you are invested in their wellbeing. One of the biggest issues faced in today’s society is managing stress. In the workplace – stress – and it’s associated health complaints, can lead to staff absence, low morale and decreased productivity. 

Increasingly, forward-thinking companies are becoming pro-active about stress management, offering staff enrichment opportunities, such as lunchtime yoga classes, to bring about balance to a working day - aiming to increase focus and performance, reduce stress and create a community culture of health and wellbeing. 

Why yoga?

The benefits of yoga are huge – physical benefits; counteracting the day’s activities (whether that’s back-ache from sitting at desk, strain from manual lifting etc), increasing strength and flexibility and increasing the heart rate to protect against heart disease, to name just a few, but where yoga really comes into it’s own, is in the combination of physical and mental wellbeing. Hazel’s yoga sessions are designed to be dynamic and engaging physically, as well as bringing about a sense of calm through breathing and meditation, resulting in a refreshed attitude and clear mind.

Having worked in a range of environments, she is all too aware of the stresses that can arise from day-to-day, and seeks to create a program that is as unique as your team, building positive relationships and a sense of fun.

Contact Hazel here to discuss how you can create a positive culture of wellness for you, and for your business. 

Private Sessions

One-to-one tuition and small groups

Private sessions are personalised to suit the individual. From the beginner looking for a way into yoga, to the experienced practitioner looking to refine their alignment, one-to-one can benefit at any level. For the time-strapped or those unable to get to an open class for whatever reason, this could the ideal way to make your yoga practice work around you. Contact Hazel to discuss your personal requirements.